1. select your team

The ERP implementation will affect every area of the business. That means everyone from senior leadership to middle management and staff-level employees will be involved throughout the implementation at some point.

The first thing a business should do in preparation is establish an internal team that will have the influence and authority to get the job done.

2. strategise a plan

Extra time planning could be the difference between a smooth process and one that is plagued by avoidable mistakes and delays. A good rule of thumb is to allocate one week of planning for every four weeks of deployment time.

3. data migration

Poor quality data into the ERP can lead to poor outcomes. The task of cleaning the data and ensuring it is efficient as possible. Get your team organising and collating the data as early as possible. 

Rockitt will assist you migrate your data into the new ERP solution

4. documentation

Documentation is key to ensure everyone at your organisation is on the same page. At Rockitt, we will document every step of our implementation process. Internal documentation is useful to ensure all of your employees can uses the system to its full potential. 

5. blast off

Blast off into the next phase of your business with Rockitt. Measure the success of the project using key return on investment metrics. Drive your business forward with our smart artificial based analytics and streamlined business software.